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Hand Bookbinder - working on my 10,000 hours

I am late to the discipline of bookbinding in terms of my work life, but that hasn't dampened my enthusiasm. As a life-long learner, I found the work of hand bookbinding, taxing, thrilling and life-changing.


I worked for a lot of years to get out of a variety of 9-5 desk jobs and started to realize my dream in the summer of 2017 with a move to Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada with my husband, two dogs and three cats. 2018 saw the creation of BocHord Bookbinding.


These days I can be found working on my 10,000 hours at the bench, teaching workshops and sharing my journey on this website.

Please contact me below about any questions involving workshops, one-of-kind gifts, or a custom book for you! Conversation is where it all starts! 

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