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The game, Hodge Page, started firstly as a way to re-purpose discarded books, giving them a purposeful second life, but our geeky love of words and games really spurred it on.


The Hodge Page game box contains our games booklet with 20 laudable word games, a pile of single pages from books that were salvaged from garage sales, library clear-outs, church jumble sales, auctions and people’s basements, and a small scratch paper pad.

Hodge Page is rainy-day analog fun that secures a

second life for discarded books!


Hodge Page will let you fulfill all your pendantic

dreams of being a grammarian! 

Hodge Page is an entertaining mix of competitive and 

co-operative games that will appeal all kinds of groups! 

Hodge Page will offer a diverting pastime for

2-10 quick-witted players!

HodgePage Two Boxes Final.jpg

To start with Hodge Page will only be sold at local craft fairs and events near our home of Owen Sound, Ontario.

Stay tuned for online sales!

 Fake Testimonial #1

“I’d keep a copy in my bunker for emergency fun!”

John Diefenbaker, 13th Prime Minister of Canada

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