Book Arts Courses

The world of Book Arts explores the book-ish and the book-like and the artist's book.


It covers a huge range of informal structures that can be folded, sewn, glued or not, typically in an afternoon. 


The philosophy is to make learning approachable and to offer courses that allow students to make something beautiful.


Elements of these kinds of book structures draw on the creative traditions of bookbinding, weaving, sewing, origami, and cartonnage

Our courses are aimed at the novice, the enthusiast, the paper geek and the maker.


I teach regularly at  The Georgian Bay School for the Arts and the Southampton Arts Center.

Handmade Bookmark


In this course, students make an accordion-folded bookmark with decorative papers on the covers. Great for taking notes without writing in your books!

Handmade Book Woven Codex


The woven codex is a marvellous example of a small sturdy book that can house artwork, postcards from your travels, photos, etc. all without glue using beautiful papers and ribbons. 



The felt covered wraparound book is a traditionally-sewn book that allows for an amazing variety of decorative touches with buttons, embroidery or even needle felting!