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Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Here along the shores of Georgian Bay, we are fantastically lucky to have the Owen Sound Artist’s Co-op. The Co-op is an amazing space that features local artists and artisans and they do a very fun show every March featuring Miniatures.

The rule is that the submission has to be no more than 6 inches (15 cm approx.) in any of its dimensions. I decided to stick to the standard three – my art does not need to challenge the laws of Physics!

I had been playing around with button books lately because well, CHIYOGAMI. Japanese paper – silk screened – tough – amazing – gorgeous. All the hearts for the Japanese paper makers and designers. ALL OF THE HEARTS!

Japanese Paper Chiyogami

If you want some – will never disappoint!

Then I found a couple of styles of buttons- I wanted something natural looking, so I got some coconut shell buttons and some burnt-looking wooden buttons and went to town!

Lots of fun.

I love the tigers and the super-sweet pink one the best.

Gemini much? Why decide – hold love them both!

Button Book featuring Tiger Chiyogami Paper


Button Book Featuring Pink Flower Chiyogami Paper
Pink Spring!!!

And I then sold two of them! Wowza!

So more tigers and SNOW PEOPLE. Because Canada. And Because March.

Two button books featuring Tiger and Snowpeople Chiyogami Paper
Tried some decorative "end papers"

If you haven’t made one, clearly you need to try. It is actually a great story telling structure, but I just adore paper, so for me it seems it's more a story of my paper stash.


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