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Whence Bochord?

Thanks to the internet, I found a name that I loved for my bindery. Well, technically thanks to an old english scholar/geek!

Tweet from Eleanor Parker explaining the word bochord is Old English for Library or a book hoard.

I am not a big fan of twitter but Eleanor Parker @clerkofoxford rates in my book (of which I have many and can make more).

Around the time that the Eleanor Parker tweet crossed my social media path (knowing me likely at least a year after it was tweeted), I saw this one (maybe from reddit/tumblr - Help me if you can find the source for me!).

Post in which the word bochord means a library is a book hoard which makes librarians like dragons with hoards.


So that did it for me - Bochord Bookbinding was embraced as mine own, but since I don't speak Old English - I'm going with the modern english pronunciation "Book Hoard" or as I will write it BocHord. Branding, branding, branding!

I did a bunch of searching of the word bochord and there are twitter handles, tumblr blogs and clearly lots of folks have found this lost English word. There are probably so many more lost than we realize as English is basically the flirtiest language on Earth - linguists have described to me as "productive" meaning we make new words all the time. I prefer flirty.

So dragons and librarians and book-making and bookbinding. Serendipitous adventures galore. And book hoards to be built!


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