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4 Japanese Stab Book Bindings in a paper box

This set is a fun one that allows you to explore some of the amazing array of patterns of Chiyogami and Katazome-Shi papers.

The sewings feature the four most traditional sewing patterns - the Four Hole (or Yotsume Toji), the Nobel (or Kangxi), the Hemp Leaf (or Asa No-ha Toji) and the Tortoise Shell (or Kikko Toji).

The paper case is made from Katazome-Shi (stenciled washi) and the books are covered in Chiyogami (silk-screened washi). The sewing is done with perle cotton threads in complimentary colours. The covers are lined with other Japanese papers called Susa Iri or Kingin.

The case is custom sized to the books to be included and is easily scaled if more books are to be included.

Watch this video to get a full idea of the package.


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