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Felt Wrap-around Journal

I had no idea that industrial sound-proofing felt was such a satisfying book cover until I bought some on a whim and tried it out. It feels so great in the hand and takes to sewing like a dream! The natural felt colour is a nice warm ivory with natural little flecks of brown here & there.

So I did half day class recently and the students were so impressive!

Check out their books!

I was so impressed with the creative ways that everyone finished their books!

I had made four models and most folks liked two of them - the strap closure and the three buttons. I'm a button fan so I get it!

Here are my models. I had fun thinking up possible closures. The felt is quite soft so it took to the wrap-around easily but it did need a form of closure to keep things tidy.

Great winter book idea with a simple running long stitch. The cover stood up well to the sewing and we used a heavy weight hemp thread and some nice mixed media Canson brand paper for the text block.


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