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Flag File Book

I saw this in the marvellous Alisa Golden's Book Expressive Handmade Books. She called it the Single Flag File Book to distinguish it from the more famous Hedy Kyle Flag Book. The standard Flag Book, of course, typically has at least two rows of flags and this one technically has only one.

But I think that "file" captures the straight out of the 70s rolodex feeling that intrigued me. I had bought a while ago, on impulse as usual, a set of square 300 gsm Card stock Artist's Tiles that lent themselves to this project perfectly.

This little hard cover wedge book is perfect for permanently displaying 7 small works of art, simple recipes for a picnic, or a simple progression story.

Honestly if you can afford it, buy any one of Alisa Golden's books and just soak up the joy of her creativity!

I had to reverse engineer a bit to get the easel part to work to my satisfaction, but overall I think it's a really fun little structure. I tried two locations for the closure - one at the centre of the front panel and one at the bottom of the back side. I definitely preferred the one at the bottom, but the 2nd location does allow for featuring the ribbon more fully.

This little book has lots of possibility is what entranced me!

Video tour below shows how the closure works.


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