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2023 Southampton Arts Centre Workshops

I have proposed a fun line up of beginner friendly workshops for the Southampton Arts Centre in gorgeous Southampton, Ontario! (Seriously that town is CUTE).

The Arts Centre's school is the town's old library and it is a great place to teach! Airy and bright with lots of space!

Workshop 1 of 3: The Book Arts Taster Workshop

May 13th 10-5 with an hour break for lunch.

I designed this course for beginners who wanted to play around with storytelling techniques. This set of five alternative book structures will give students a fascinating taste of the artistic possibilities in exploring the format of the book.

We will also explore some of the paper options and what can work for these kinds of alternative structures. The each book is 5" x 5" (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm) and they will all fit into a clever square lobster claw box.

A set of five alternative book structures with a square case
Book Arts Taster Workshop

We will work our way through making a Flexagon, a Jacob’s Ladder Book, a 4-Rooms Book, a Banner Flag Book, and a Woven Page Accordion.

To kick off the making, students will construct a crab-claw paper box in which to keep their collection.

These mini-books work perfectly to house small ink sketches, poems, word art, ephemera, stamped art, and very short stories.


Workshop 2 of 3: The Crossed Structure Binding

June 3rd 1 pm - 5 pm

This is an excellent sturdy little journal for either sketching or writing!

The text block sewing is partially hidden by a two-piece soft cover with straps that cross over the spine. Students will use a basic French link stitch for sewing the text block, which creates a hard-wearing, secure text block which is very useful in an exposed binding.

Students will be able to choose either soft leather or a beautiful heavyweight handmade paper for the cover material. Customization is the name of the game with lots of cover colours and buttons to choose from!


Workshop 3 of 3: The Long Stitch Binding

July 5th 1 pm - 5 pm

This is the perfect book to create as a gift - it's 24 pages of beautiful writing paper and excellent for recipes, poems, a novella, or a trip journal.

This book has a sturdy but flexible cloth spine and hard cover that we will cover in a decorative, Japanese silk-screened Chiyogami paper.

Students will learn an traditional long stitch sewing pattern to decorate the spine and will have a wide array of cloth, decorative paper, and threads to choose from, so customization will be the name of the game!

3 closed books
Long Stitch Binding

Book spine
Decorative Spine Sewing of the Long Stitch


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