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A Tall Tale! The hard-cover art journal workshop - April 2

I am quite excited about offering this workshop at one of my very favourite places to teach - Georgian Bay School for the Arts!

Date is Saturday, April 2nd - 10 to 5 with a one-hour break for lunch!

Tickets can be purchased here:

The size of this book amuses me, but you have to go where the paper leads you!

The paper I am working with is a light watercolour paper that is 9" w x 12" h (22.86 cm x 30.48 cm). So because so much machine made paper is long grain, this book just embraces all of that height!

Thus the TALL TALE!

Book standing on its tail open to the right
Art Journal

The book is 4.75" w x 12" h (12 cm x 20.48 cm) but opens to the full 9 x 12 for the working area.

So many artists choose to make their own art journals so that they can choose the paper, determine the size and generally make it their own. Store-bought journals often have a big gutter or the pages are

The idea of this book is that it's a bother to have to sew through your pages in an art journal - it's unsightly and there can be colour transfer because of the thread. So this book has NO thread in the middle of the lovely lay-flat pages. The full 9x12 sheet is available for all your "tall" artwork!

Book opened to a blank page
Lay flat opening!

The book is a traditionally made hard-cover flatback book - and it will be covered with white mixed media paper so even the cover can be customized to make the journal all your own!

One useful aspect of the book is the pages sit individually, so you can easily protect the adjoining pages while you are working - so your new work doesn't impact your older pages.

The paper is an affordable lightweight watercolour paper (140 lb/300 gsm) that suits inks, high flow acrylics, light paper collaging and watercolour paints.

I did some lame collage and ink drawing just to show how it looks with something in there. Art Journaling is new to me (a growing interest for sure!).

Closed book and open book with drawing
Scribbles with ink and some collage elements


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