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Rustic Wrap-around Journals

This course idea was to explore blank journal structures that have a soft cover that wraps all around the book - the fore-edge is covered and it needs a decorative closure mechanism.

I started with a heavy wool felt- this is a natural-coloured industrial sound dampening wool felt that has delicious little chunks of detritus embedded into the felt. It's warm in the hand and surprisingly sturdy as a cover material.

Then I worked with a scrap of upholstery quality vinyl and made a tiny chubby book with exposed sewing. I braided a string to wrap around the button.

The 2nd large book is covered in leather and closes using what I've dubbed "loop and stick" which would work for a pencil, pen, chopstick or spoon.

They are sweet and funky and chunky and allow you to indulge your inner button maniac!

Video tour is here:


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